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This program aims to assist not-for-profit groups that offer a significant contribution to the social, economic and/or environmental well being of the community.
This program aims to support community development projects and initiatives that strengthen the sustainability and capacity of the Inner West community.
This program seeks to provide an opportunity for local governments, sporting clubs and community organisations to plan and host a community event to share research, knowledge, or trends in responsible gambling and how it affects the way in which we live and interact.
This program aims to support projects and initiatives that address the impact of problem gambling in a range of ways though direct support programs, projects that provide alternative activities for community members, or projects that build capacity and strengthen the community.
This program aims to help prevent and reduce gambling-related harm within local communities across Victoria.
This program aims to assist local cultural, educational, health, sport, welfare, and other bodies, where in the council's opinion, the applications have demonstrated a community need.
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This program aims to provide financial assistance for a range of social justice and community initiatives and are not limited to a focus on homelessness.
This program aims to provide funding to support projects, activities and programs under the key Health and Wellbeing Priorities of the Horsham Rural City Council.
This program aims to support projects that build more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive local communities.
This program aims to support local community partnerships to coordinate and drive family violence prevention activities.
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