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This program aims to provide assistance to local community groups/organisations who make positive contributions to the quality of life in the Bundaberg Region.
This program aims to provide a mechanism for merit-based support for individuals and community groups to undertake projects and activities which align to council’s community, corporate and operational plans and facilitate stronger and more resilient communities within the Maranoa region.
This program aims to provide support to community groups for one-off projects, events and activities that benefit the Sunshine Coast local government area.
This program seeks to provide funding for projects and activities that build healthy and vibrant communities; sustain important community infrastructure and encourages community groups to work together to share and benefit from community resources.
This program aims to support communities to implement community driven projects through community grants, acknowledging the significant contribution made by community volunteer.
This program allows organisations and individual artists to gain access to small amounts of funding quickly.
This program seeks to provide funding for the East Gippsland Shire area to support local community-based groups, organisations, services and in some categories, individuals (such as artists).
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This program aims to provide an opportunity to make the community a more inclusive place for children and young people who have a disability.
This program aims to fund community projects, community events, small capital equipment purchases, and community buildings and facilities to support community organisations and individuals in their activities where there is a benefit for the wider community.
This program is designed to support the community by providing support in cash or in kind to assist with the delivery of community initiatives that support the health and wellbeing of the City of Mitcham Community.
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