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This program aims to empower community organisations and individuals to grow ideas in an innovative and creative way, as well as looking to improve the city.
This program is a launchpad initiative to quickly progress key strategies of the masterplan relating to revitalisation, beautification and activation that will result in a higher level of connectedness for locals, opportunities for homegrown enterprise and inspiring visitor product.
This programme aims to recognise the importance of meeting basic living standards as well as having healthy people in the communities.
This programme aims to contribute directly to some public and community safety and accessibility outcomes through funding and support to targeted initiatives.
This program aims to support sport and recreation, arts and cultural infrastructure, and projects that enhance facilities used to shelter communities and provide emergency services.
This program seeks to support a range of small-scale initiatives for local residents and organisations.
This program aims to provide regular, one-off sponsorships, donations and in-kind support for local organisations through our North Queensland Community Assistance Program.
This program aims to help support community activities, projects and events.
This program aims to build on community capacity, encourage participation in cultural development and support community initiatives that promote participation and working together to maintain community assets.
This program aims to provide funding to enable initiatives, projects and research that is aligned with recreational fishing community priorities and enhances recreational fishing in Western Australia.
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