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This program seeks to support projects that; directly improve an organisation’s ability to deliver their service; raise their profile and improve their business practices; and/or develop an organisation’s staff/volunteer skill base in order to successfully work and provide services to the community within the Townsville LGA.
This program is aimed at driving innovative approaches through sport to increase female participation and engagement in sport and physical activity.
This program aims to provide financial assistance to eligible sport and physical recreation organisations to support participation in active lifestyles through the delivery of quality programs and services for the benefit of the Canberra community.
This program aims to provide Victorian sport and active recreation organisations with the opportunity to acquire an automated external defibrillator (AED) for their club or sports facility.
This program aims to provide grants to clubs to assist in small projects and activities.
This program aims to align with the City's Strategic Community Plan 2013-22 to help meet the needs of residents.
This program aims to assist local sporting organisations to undertake specific works or purchase equipment for the advancement of sport in the Bathurst Region.
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This program aims to fund events that celebrate and recognise the contribution of young Victorians to their community.
This program aims to provide financial assistance to Shire of Irwin residents selected to participate in a national sporting event or who receive a scholarship to the Mid West Academy of Sports.
This program aims to encourage and recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements by providing financial assistance to individuals and clubs who meet the criteria.
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