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This program seeks to provide funding to celebrate young people and their contribution to their local communities.
This program seeks to provide funding for projects that have clear environmental outcomes, promote behaviour change, whole of school engagement and increased skills and ability to participate in achieving environmental outcomes.
This program seeks to offer scholarship in recognition of the amazing contribution that women make to the local community.
This program aims to provide the Bega Valley Shire Council an opportunity to recognise and support young people undertaking further education in the Bega Valley Shire and assisting in the development of skills and abilities of local young students that can have far reaching economic and social benefits for the Shire.
This program seeks to fund events or activities in Central Coast during Youth Week 2016, from 1-9 April 2017.
This program aims to help Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, no matter their financial circumstances.
This program aims to support and foster those persons who normally reside within the city or district as their principal place of residence (or their immediate family normally resides) and who need to leave the region in order to undertake university studies within the health sector.
This program aims to support individual youth endeavour in competitive activities including sport, community development, culture, and the arts.
This program aims to help improve the lives of young Australians.
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This program aims to champion community connections for kids in Australia, offering grants for a local community project that helps kids to play and learn.
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