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This program aims to build resilience in young people and grow social connection within their communities.
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This program aims to assist young Territorians to access a variety of youth initiated events and personal development programs during the June/July and December/January school holiday periods.
This program seeks to support young people to undertake a project on an innovative or emerging scientific issue, including biophysical and social sciences, that will contribute to the ongoing success and sustainability of Australia''s agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries.
This program seeks to develop and then commission at least five narrative series across any fictional genre designed to appeal to younger audiences (18-35 years).
This program assists in costs of a project to document, record or publish a significant aspect of the local history of Ipswich.
This program seeks to help fund and support eligible projects, activities and events planned, driven and delivered by young people, for young people.
This program aims to help improve the lives of young Australians.
This program seeks to fund projects that will have a positive impact on improving outcomes for children and young people, wherever they may live in Victoria, who are considered to be at risk or vulnerable.
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This program seeks to assist nurses registered as both nurses and midwives working in the Victorian Health Sector who wish to extend their existing academic qualifications by obtaining a post graduate qualification in the field of maternal and child health.
This program aims to support regional arts and culture programs including artists in residence, art shows, musical education, talks and lectures, and related activities that encourage engagement by younger people in artistic endeavours.
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