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This program aims to provide financial assistance to community groups, not-for-profit organisations and other eligible applicants to support the provision of programs and services.
This program aims to assist youth to gain life skills, achieve personal goals and build connection to family and education, with the bottom line being Keep Them Safe (KTS).
This program seeks to fund initiatives and programs aimed at increasing participation in grassroots and community sport throughout Australia.
This program aims to provide financial assistance to young people who are representing their sport or field of expertise in national or international competition.
This program aims to build resilience in young people and grow social connection within their communities.
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This program aims to support the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion’s (DCSI) vision Communities for all: Opportunities for everyone.
This program seeks to support local events, workshops and/or activities that target young people, meet the aims of Youth Week 2017 and are aligned to the theme of Youth Week, 'Be Here. Be Heard.'
This program aims to inspire young women to enhance their skills and knowledge within their area of interest.
This program aims to assist and encourage young residents who have achieved outstanding results in their chosen field.
This program aims to encourage and support young people who display commitment and achievement in their chosen field of endeavor.
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