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Country Sport Enrichment Scheme

Overview / Purpose

This program aims to provide support and assistance to take international, national and approved State sport league competitions and contests to regional Western Australia. It has provision for international, national and State sporting personnel to visit regional Western Australia to promote sport development.

The objectives of the program are to:
- Utilise the attraction of influential elite sports people for development of sport in country towns.
- Conduct high profile sporting events in Western Australian country regions.
- Use regional venues to present the highest level of international, national and approved State sport league sporting activities.
- Create opportunities for country people to meet and to see high performance Australian and international sportspeople perform in competition in their region.
- Influence participation in sport by people in country towns outside of major regional urban areas through association with influential elite sport role models.
- Create opportunities for country people to meet influential elite sportspeople and be influenced by them to strive for higher personal goals through sport and physical activity participation.
- Provide capacity building opportunities for country sportspeople to receive training in skills and methods in sport performance.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include:
- State sporting associations
- National sport league clubs
- A coordinating body that is a non-profit incorporated association
- Major sport clubs as approved by the Minister for Sport and Recreation
- Local government

Eligible Activities

Eligible projects include those that achieve the following outcomes:
- Motivating participation in sport and physical activity and in particular by youth at risk, or people with a high-risk lifestyle health condition or people from a low participation in sport and physical activity population group.
- Increasing participation in sport and physical activity.
- Providing local people with sport skill development as participants, coaches or officials.

Projects where travel to remote communities is approved by the department funding may have funding approved at a higher level.

Please review the Guidelines for the complete list of eligible expenditures.


The following are ineligible for funding:
- Perth metropolitan regions.
- Venues proposed for the same or a similar event at the same country city/town or location in which the event has been held on the last two consecutive times. An exception is an event unable to be moved from a set venue.
- Employee salary and employment costs.
- Meals, catering, refreshments, trophies, prize money, international travel, equipment purchased, compensation for loss of income, capital works, office generated costs and telephone calls.
- All items not listed as eligible for funding.

Program ID: 573
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Closing Information
This program is open on an ongoing basis. Applications must be submitted at least four months prior to event start date.

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Program administrator
Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR)

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