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WA Police – Community Crime Prevention Fund

Overview / Purpose

This program aims to support local community crime prevention initiatives, involving or supported by the police and the community working together on projects to address identified crime prevention priorities.

Its priorities are:
- Prevention and early intervention to address the needs of children and families.
- Youth justice and reducing re-offending.
- Preventing and responding to antisocial behaviour.
- Addressing and reducing drug and alcohol related crime.
- Targeting priority crimes in Western Australia as identified. 

Grants of up to $25,000 are available.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include:
- Incorporated not-for-profit organisations
- Aboriginal corporations registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006
- Local government authorities

Eligible Activities

Please refer to previously approved applications for examples of eligible activities.
Assessment Criteria

The main sssessment criteria include:
- Eligibility of the applicant. 
- Proposed project involves or is supported by police and addresses their local/district crime prevention issues and priorities.
- A demonstrated need and potential impact of the proposed project.
- Crime prevention outcomes and the outcome measures identified in the proposed project are appropriate, achievable and assessable.
- Level of involvement and/or support from local organisations and the community.
- Extent to which the proposal has attracted investment by other funding bodies.
- Demonstrated capacity of the applicant to implement the proposed project.
- Demonstrated capacity of the applicant to manage the financial and reporting obligations of the proposed project.
- Grant amount requested does not exceed $25,000.
- Requested project term of 12 months.
- Value for money.


The following are ineligible for funding:
- Federal and State government agencies.
- Academic institutions.
- Individuals.
- Commercial for-profit organisations.
- Projects that conflict with current government policy.
- Equipment items such as office equipment, computing equipment, motor vehicles or machinery (sporting and musical instruments are eligible for consideration of funding).
- Capital works.
- Activities that are already established.
- Any activity or event that does not occur in Western Australia.
- Legal or industrial action.
- Meeting existing debts/financial obligations or retrospective funding.
- Fundraising.
- Offering prizes or gifts.
- Promotional products (those used to promote community safety and crime prevention messages are eligible for funding).
- Ongoing projects that require continuing grant support.
- To applicants that have not fulfilled previous grant requirements, including acquittal reports and evaluations.
- To projects or applicants previously defunded by State or Commonwealth government agencies due to performance and/or integrity issues.
- Supporting the organisation’s core business.

Program ID: 3163
CLOSED  Icon_X.gif

Closing Date
28 August, 2017

Closing Information
This program is available biannually. The next funding round is yet to be announced.

Funding Type

Funding Amount
Min:  N/A  - Max:  $25,000

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Western Australia




Community Services
   Domestic Violence
   Drugs or Alcohol


Provided by

Government Tier

Program administrator
WA Police

Telephone: 08 9222 1423
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