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Mildura Rural City Council – Recreation Development Grants

Overview / Purpose

This program is aimed at projects that encourage new leisure initiatives with the potential to expand the range and quality of recreation opportunities or increase participation in a particular activity.

Grants of up to $1,000 are available on a 1:2 matched funding basis.

For projects with a total cost of $1,500 or less, in-kind support cannot exceed 50% of the required contribution. For projects with a total cost of $1,501 or more, the contribution cannot exceed 25%.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants must:
- Be a not-for-profit organisation/group and incorporated body (or be auspiced by one).
- Have Public Liability Insurance to the minimum of $10 million.
- Be based within the Mildura Rural City Council LGA and/or provide services and activities within these boundaries (or propose to).

Eligible Activities

Eligible projects or programs include those that are targeted at:
- Increasing participation in sport and recreation.
- Ensuring our community has access to a diverse range of quality sporting and recreation facilities, programs and opportunities.

Priority will be given to projects catering for a demonstrated community need. Examples of eligible projects are:
- Coaching clinics
- Training and development
- Purchase of minor equipment

Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include:
- The project’s potential to increase or maintain recreation opportunities available to the community.
- How well the project aligns to what is identified in Council’s Recreation Strategy and/or relevant Master Plans.
- Evidence of adherence to social justice principles (e.g. increased accessibility for people with disabilities, catering for juniors, cultural groups, etc).
- Organisational capacity (labour and/or finance). The applicant must show that it is capable of the projects in funds or in-kind support.
- Sustainability.


The following are ineligible for funding:
- Re-current or ongoing funding.
- Projects that are eligible for funding under another government or statutory body.
- Request for funding is for a maintenance project, club administration costs, repair of equipment or payment of utilities (rent, power, telephone etc.).
- Projects that have been funded through this grant program previously.
- Projects that commenced or will commence before the grant funding is announced (the Council does not fund in retrospect).
- Costs associated with preparing a grant application and/or the sourcing of quotes.

Program ID: 13638
CLOSED  Icon_X.gif

Open Date
07 August, 2017

Closing Date
18 September, 2017

Closing Information
This program is available biannually, with rounds opening in February and August every year. The next funding round is yet to be announced.

Funding Type

Funding Amount
Min:  N/A  - Max:  $1,000

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Program administrator
Mildura Rural City Council

Telephone: 03 5018 8100
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Website:  Visit website
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