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Quick Response Grants (NT)

Overview / Purpose

This program aims to assist young Territorians to access a variety of youth initiated events and personal development programs.

There are two categories of grants available:
- Drug and Alcohol Free Entertainment: Provide financial support which will enable young people to plan, organise and participate in a variety of drug and alcohol free activities.
- Youth Development/Leadership: Provide financial support to increase the access of young people to personal and community development programs.

Organisations can apply for up to $2,000 and individuals between the ages of 12 and 25 years can apply for a one off $500 grant each financial year.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include young people, community groups and organisations who must meet the following criteria:
- Organisations must be a legal entity under the Associations Incorporation Act.
- Acquittal of past grants.

Please review guidelines for the complete list of eligibility criteria.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include:
- Exciting, creative ideas, which provide safe and secure entertainment opportunities for young people, aged 12 - 25 years.
- Programs which encourage the development of skills and attributes such as self-esteem, co-operation and trust.
- Projects which involve young people at all levels.
- Projects which are supported by and involve the local community.
- Travel costs associated with an event/activity.
- Purchase of capital equipment for organisations only that do not exceed 25% of the total value of the grant (e.g. electronic equipment such as TVs and stereos, Tablets, computers etc).
- Wages or salaries for course providers (e.g. instructors, DJ's, facilitators) which do not exceed 25% of the value of the grant. This does not include wages or salary paid to the organisation’s staff during usual core business hours.

Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include:
- Demonstrate opportunities for young people to develop and enhance skills and knowledge that enable them to engage effectively in their communities.
- Commitment and ability to involve young people in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of proposed projects.
- Policies and procedures that demonstrate a commitment to building positive and safe environments for young people.


The grants cannot fund:
- Organisations/individuals outside of the Northern Territory (unless the activity benefits the young people of the Northern Territory).
- Working with Children Check; Events/activities that the facilitator does not possess an Ochre Card or an Exemption Authority.
- Events/Activities that do not have a specific youth focus.
- Payment of membership, registration or participation fees.
- Commercial or business activities (to make a profit).
- Fundraising or charitable activities.
- Purchase of any capital equipment for individuals.
- More than four applications from individuals to participate in the same event/activity.
- More than one application from an individual in the same financial year.
- Programs or activities, which are political or discriminatory against another, based on their gender, culture, religion or marital status.
- Projects that the Manager of the OYA considers:
a) Do not represent value for money.
b) The responsibility of other funding bodies or government agencies.

Program ID: 11977
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Closing Information
This program is open on an ongoing basis.

Funding Type

Funding Amount
Min:  N/A  - Max:  $2,000

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Northern Territory




Program administrator
Office of Youth Affairs (OYA)

Telephone: 08 8999 3881
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